Black Fire Distributor

$995.00 USD
  • Solid Anodized aluminium chassis
  • DR Acoustics SoftMat anti resonant system.
  • Solid shielding system for EMI/RFI
  • Receptacles Cavities encapsulation.
  • Rhodium plated receptacles
  • Rhodium plated  inlet.
  • Double shielding system for EMI/RFI.
  • Cryogenic 10 AWG stranded internal wiring.
  • No filtration system.
  • Dimensions W (33cm) X D (13cm) X H( 9cm)
  • Weight 3 kg
  • rated 15A 125V


Is power distribution the last component of a good audio system…or is it the first? DR Acoustics certainly believes it is a vital part of any audio setup. Our experience with audiophiles shows that the aspects of power distribution are often overlooked by many.

While developing its expertise in power management for high end audio, DR Acoustics came to the realization that power distribution plays a major role in audio rendering of any sound system.

The Black Fire is a solid   power distribution system. Every aspects of the design was carefully planed in order to maximize system damping and power transfer.