About Us


A Radically New Approach

Born over 10 years ago from the primal need to forever elevate the audio listening experience, DR Acoustics is the brainchild of Daniel Robidoux. A telecommunications engineer at the core, specialist in Digital Signal Processing and a devoted audiophile at heart, Mr. Robidoux has always sought to make the good, great. Initially believing that audio cables marketed as ‘audiophile’ quality were nothing more than deceptive marketing, his serendipitous meeting with an industry expert led him to test a power cable that would ultimately shift his notion that all cables were neutral. The audio improvement that day was minimal, but it did signify that work could be performed to improve signal quality, and so began a long journey towards achieving the pinnacle of clean sound.

Approaching the research from an engineering perspective, initial iterations of DR Acoustics power cables focused on thick gauge and quartz fillers for vibration suppression. Several years later, the breakthrough that would lead to the company’s Multi Tunneling Architecture became nothing less than a game-changer. Rather than letting electric current travel along the surface of a large conductor, several strands of smaller conductors were concatenated form a thick ‘equivalent-gauge’ while forcing the signal to transit throughout the core of the resultant cable. The initial results were already superior to traditional designs and tedious optimizations brought the system to its final form utilizing a perfect mix of number of conductors and combination of gauges. The MTA technology concept was then expanded from power cables to the rest of the DR Acoustics lines.

While the industry generally provides very little insight into what comprises their cables, DR Acoustics considers high end audiophiles to be knowledgeable and to have the wherewithal to understand the concepts behind the technology. The company prefers to be fully transparent so that its clients can fully comprehend why a cable is outperforming the competition, rather than be led to believe that a given cable is better, simply because it is more expensive. Confidence in its products and technology is at the root of the DR Acoustics design philosophy.

The company rounded out its lines with power distribution platforms that match the level of quality obtained with its cables, with point-to-point conductor paths and quality materials. Indeed, constant research on new materials enables DR Acoustics to forever refine its products. The use of Meta materials as found in the company’s patented noise suppression methods using, amongst others, new electromagnetic composites (as used in the renowned Antigone product), or innovative cable features such as the Adjustable Acoustic Prism (vibration reduction system) and MTA, provide a constant means to improve even the highest end audiophile environment. These new materials, as well as components now available in 3D production, allow for substantial enhancement of signal integrity.

As symbolized by the Yin Yan symbol stamped on all the DR Acoustics Adjustable Acoustic Prisms, the available product offerings all strive to harmoniously balance finesse and power in the resulting audio. Without neglecting the physical beauty of what they create, attention to the smallest detail, and willingness to subject new products to extensive critical testing by independent audiophile focus groups, DR Acoustics has managed to undeniably elevate the enjoyment of sound, one cable at a time.