Components and manufacturing

Components and manufacturing

An Impeccable Universe of Sound

A number of factors come into play when it comes to sound quality. After two years of research and development, and numerous tests on various combinations to pinpoint a product that offers optimal performance,  the team at DR Acoustics has achieved the perfect combo, thus revolutionizing the market with a brand new type of cable.

This cable is capable of providing and transmitting massive amounts of power instantaneously. Made of 1,800 individual strands, it uses two types of standard connectors: Oyaide and Furutech.

Our cables are handmade by qualified technicians using first-rate materials and components, such as Furutech carbon made from ceramic nanoparticles and carbon powder. Nylon and fibreglass particles are also integrated to form a product that boasts unsurpassed mechanical and electronic performance. DR Acoustics uses military-grade materials capable of blocking up to 98% of EMI and RFI waves.

Antivibration Compound
The cables are filled with micro silica, a quartz-based compound that offers antivibration properties and acts as an exceptional isolating shield.

Throughout product development, DR Acoustics turns to focus groups to measure itself against the leaders in the industry. Many mechanical and electrical tests are also carried out to ensure electric strength and stability.