About Burn-in

Burn-in new cables: a must!

The burn-in is the time it take to a new piece of equipment before it can give it full potential. It is true for all components, but extremely important with cables. One common and easy practice is to let your system play 24/7 for two weeks. Ideally, use the position between two stations on an FM radio. That give what is called a white noise (all frequencies) that is very efficient for burn-in.

Generally, a cable with silver will take more time to burn-in. There is no scientific explanation for that phenomenon but this has been vastly experienced in the pass.

Should you burn in? We believe you should. In fact, DR Acoustics have developed an in-house burn-in device for R&D purpose. When developing new cables it becomes rapidly essential to be able to test new cable and not having to wait two weeks to measure the performances. While developing the “burner” we understood that in fact it is not the “length ” of burn-in that count but rather the amount of watt/hour. In clear … the bigger the current you pass in your cable, the lest time it will take to burn the cable. This make perfect sense on a physical and atomic point of view. The technologies developed by DR Acoustic allow to fully burn an interconnect in 36 hours and a speaker cable in 48 hours.

Burn-in is particularly important with speaker cables. The larger gauge generally associated with speaker cables explain that phenomena. So should you burn-in your cables…..We strongly believe you should.