Black Fire digital

$395.00 USD
  • Shadow Series 
  • Silver plated Copper
  • Diameter: 10.2
  • Length: 1m
  • Custom Lengths available
  • Connector: Lockable Rhodium plated
  • Jacket: Polyethelyne Perepthalade filament
  • High flexibility
  • Aluminium Case
  • Satisfaction guarantee 

All DR Acoustic digital cabes offer a practical method of transmitting audio with minimal signal loss. A proper handling of impedance and a large bandwith combined with a low capacitance transfer function has the desired offect of eliminating jitter produed by asynchronous transmission. Black fire digital cables employ the most advanced technologies and revolutionary techniques to ensure impedence adaptation needed for S/PDIF and AES/EBU cables . This garantees a tight tolerence of the impedence characteristics that are neccesary for the highest musical detail. Its silver plated copper conductors add a further degree of performance.