Creon 2.0

$3000.00 USD
  • MTA (Multi Tunnelling Architecture)
  • DR Soft-mat
  •  MQCI Noise reduction technology (Micro Quartz Chamber Isolation System)
  •  ASSITS Vibration Control Subsystem
  •  Individual phase filtration system
  •  Integrated anti resonance footer
  • Rhodium-plated Alpha pure copper receptacles
  • Multistage Point to point Wiring (No PCB)
  • Cryogenic internal Cabling
  • 4 AWG Ultra-pure Copper internal Wire
  • No current limiting fuse or breaker
  • No Coils
  •  No Capacitors
  • Max 20 Amp
  • Max Instantaneous Current 360 Amp
  • Max voltage 240V
  • Outlets : 2 NEMA 5-20R
  • Inlet IEC C-20
  • 10mm Aluminium Silver face plate

Is power distribution the last component in a good audio system…or is it the first? DR Acoustics certainly believes it is a vital part of any audio setup. Our experience with audiophiles shows that the aspects of power distribution are often overlooked by many. While developing its expertise in power management for high end audio, DR Acoustics came to the realization that power distribution plays a major role in audio rendering of any sound system.

Patent pending Creon is the quintessential evolution of devices for power distribution systems. Every aspect of the design was carefully planned in order to maximize system damping and power transfer. Creon uses 3 separate Quartz Filters that contribute to eliminate electromechanical noise as well as EMI and RFI. The filter system does not have electronic parts like capacitors or inductors. The result is a non-current limiting power processor. The filter system is so efficient that it provides a real signal to noise ratio improvement to your equipment.

Creon provides users more than just power distribution. It is also equipped with an industry leading quality outlet and uses 1 Rhodium plated Furutech NCF receptacle, ensuring an optimal power transfer to the connected component. Its aluminum chassis is CNC to receive the power receptacle with minimal mechanical friction. The new MQCI system, developed by DR Acoustics, uses Carbon fiber, ultra-rigid cylinders, filled with quartz to eliminate electromagnetic and electro mechanic noise.

To further support the concept of vibration control, Creon’s ASSISTS (Assembly Sub System Integrated Trapeze Support) specially developed decouplers, ensure no remaining vibrations can be transferred to the casing or to the rest of the subsystem. Each of Creon’s electric phases is treated individually, allowing a more direct control of each of the electromagnetic fields generated inside the MQCI.

All of Creon’s internal wiring is cryogenic and assembled by hand in a point to point configuration, setting a new standard for power management systems.

The results; for audio applications one obtains a darker background, better dynamic, more solid bass and better perceived soundstage. For video applications, More vibrant we perceive more color, increased resolution and a lower noise floor. The Creon is ideal for mono blocks amps, video or smaller systems.