$5695.00 USD


  • Exclusive 3 gauge cable (3 AWG)
  • High Quality Furutech NCF FI-50 power plugs
  • 99.99% copper (OFC)
  • Silver-plated copper for maximum resolution
  • 25 wire sindividual strand
  • MTA Multiple tunneling technology
  • Male and female rhodium-plated connectors
  • Available with European plugs (Schuko)
  • Available with BS 1363 (Singapore, UK)
  • Optional 20-A C19 connector
  • High-quality nylon outer jacket
  • Large 45-mm diameter
  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Custom lengths available
  • Weight of 2.5 kg for a 1.8-m cable
  • Solid Aluminium Carrying Case
  • 30-day refund policy

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The Extreme is the new quintesence in DR Acoustics line. It combine both the large gauge technology and the MTA system found in the acclaimed RED FIRE ULTRA cable. The ULTRA feature a set of Conductors in a Multi conductors Achitecture. the best of both technology.


The DR Acoustics Rhodium Series cables used in high-end audio systems offer superior dynamics, resolution and bass. Never would you have believed possible such a astounding improvement. Boasting exclusive manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials and superior finishings, DR Acoustics cables enhance your acoustic perspective and offer an unmatched advantage to your audio system.

DR Acoustics Rhodium Series cables are made with  three 99.99% pure OFC, 4-gauge conductor wires. The Pegasus Extreme cable offers a triple-cable architecture. It includes three 1,800-individual strand cables covered in silver (5400 strands total). The cable features high-quality connectors and can be ordered with a 20-A C19 connector.

The conductors are covered by a high-quality nylon jacket. The model that is 1.8 metres in length weighs 2.5 kg. These cables are designed for optimal strength and flexibility. These cables were designed with great attention to detail and precision, thus offering the highest level of audio performance.


The American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a standardized scale for wire conductors. Most audiophile power cables use 10-gauge conductors. For every two-unit AWG decrease, the cable doubles in size. DR Acoustics 3 gauge cables are 12 times bigger than standard 10-gauge cables (67 mm2 vs 5 mm2). The extra large cable allows for a significant reduction in electron collisions. These collisions or frictions cause a temperature increase in cables. Oversized 00-gauge (AWG) cables create a sort of electron “highway” that enable greater performance without heat gain. Furthermore, the geometry and size of the conductors ensure non-measurable levels of inductance and capacitance. The cable is therefore neutral.

DR Acoustics’ unique MTA technique allows for an unmatched level of performance and a significant reduction in vibrations. The MTA system offers superior quality and provides greater dynamics, resolution and detailed bass for all high-end audio installations. Built with exclusive methods, quality materials and unmatched expertise, DR Acoustics cables offer enhanced image and make up the perfect platform for your audio or video system.

DR Acoustics cables have been developed to offer superior sound quality. They are the perfect complement to high performance audio systems. These cables enable you to achieve optimal performance of your audio system.