How to reduce harmful effects of vibration?

Sound vibrations

It is a well-knowned  fact  that vibrations control  in all its forms is critical in achieving high quality music reproduction .The market for tweeks of various decoupling spikes and sophisticated system rack has been  booming for decades.

Strangely enough, very little have been done to manage the two biggest vibrations sources; the power cords and the speakers cables. 

The power cord carry 120 volts. 120 Volts of  “frictional” electrons. These electrons bouncing  on each other create  heat and mechanical vibration in the power cord itself. That energy is then transmitted to the audio equipment via its AC inlet connector. 

The speaker cables carry a massive amount of power to the speakers. It is not rare anymore to see 1000W monobloc driving 4 ohms load. The energy transfer cause vibrations spreading well over the 20 kilohertz  audio range and in intensity that are far from being negligible.

After years of research  in this field. DR Acoustics have developed various techniques that specifically address the vibrations management in cables. As a result, audio systems using DR Acoustics technologies  are showing a blacker background and a wider soundstage. The Micro-silicate  use in DR Acoustics products is composed in a large portion of quartz. The quartz act as a barrier to vibrations and proved to be very effective in high-end  systems.